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According to informed sources, a debate has ensued recently on how to confront and defeat Al-Shabab ideologically. Mohamud’s advisers recommended a number of religious figures to choose from to be offered a ministerial portofolio. Finally, a consensus has been reached to consider one of Al-Alshabab’s approachable figures. They zeroed upon Mukhtar Roobow, a government prisoner, and former Al-shabab leader and commander of its Amniyat elite force, a well trained regular army of the extremist group. They are trained in all terrorist skills in sabotage, ambushes, assassinations, explosions, etc. Whoever commands Amniyat, commands Alshabab. Other militants include Hisba (police), martyrs or suiciders, and pay-as-you-go foot soldiers. There are also Mujahirin or migrant military trainers. Al-shabab expressed loyalty to Al-Qaeda and joined the international terrorist organization when Mukhtar Roobow, Abu Mansur, was active commander/leader.

In appointing Mukhatar Roobow, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his team of advisors didn’t take into account the political quagmire they were getting into, reactions of the world press and negative take of the issue by the diplomatic community in designating a world class terrorist leader as government minister. Who would work with a former terrorist leader? What message does it send out to law-abiding citizens of this country? Why pullute the body-politic of this country? President Mohamud should immediately ask Roobow to tender his resignation for the good of this nation.

Obviously, President Mohamud vaguely understands the intrigues and complexity of international relations. All Somali political leaders are prone to this accident as expertise in any field isn’t sought for. President Mohamud could have opted for a less controversial religious figure instead.

Another Mohamud’s agenda was political vendetta against those leaders of the Federal Member States, who supported former President Farmajo. Roobow is coming into the mix to undermine Laftegreen in the South West, Galmudugh Qoor Qoor by bringing in his opponent Fiqi, the Interior Minister designate. Puntland and Jubaland have been always targets for Mohamud’s tribal agenda. The Cabinet list was reportedly compiled by a Damul-Jadid colleague of Mohamud, Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir, known to Somalis by his nickname, Farah Sakin (Farah the scissor), who installed himself in the important portofolio of education, a priority in Mohamud’s policy. It is also rumored that there is a shadow government in place, monitoring all ministries and having real authority as published cabinet list is for public consumption only. Most ministries have Mohamud’s men and women as junior ministers. Check it out yourself.

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