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The threat of holding fresh elections everytime there is an intractable political conflict at leadership level is the way forward. The government of the day has to fall and announce fresh elections. This is a political remedy we could to apply to diffuse or resolve recurring political confrontations. Often, in Somalia, the government becomes part of the problem than the solution. It has to disband and gets itsel rid of.

Such mechanism is practised in many parts of the world where there is a democracy. One would ask the question: How would you resolve if the instigator of problem is the Head of the State? Good question. That is why the procedure of impeachment exists in many world jurisdictions. Impeach the President for violations of the articles of the constitution and misdemeanors. This is within the constitutional mandate of the parliament.

Elections are the only way to resolve current political crisis in Mogadishu. Expediate the elections for the Lower House of the Federal Parliament.

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