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Now that Somalia has narrowly come back from the brink of disaster caused by the outgoing President, Farmajo, the hard job of restoring trust and faith between Federal institutions and Federal Member States begins.
Two points need to be raised here:

  1. Will Farmajo stay away from interfering in the electoral process to which he said he entrusted in the prime minister?
  2. Will Prime Minister Roble play fair in handling issues raised by Puntland and Jubaland with regards to thorny constituency issues and need for the independence of Federal Electoral Commission?

Farmajo is still the commander of the armed and security forces. It is to be seen how he would behave in keeping the forces politically neutral with regards to the electoral process.

Hawiye opposition leaders (mainly Council of Presidential Candidates, CPC) have organized militia and portion of residents of Mogadishu in their attempts to challenge Farmajo’s illegal extension of mandate in April 12, 2021. Would they scale back and demobolize these forces for political environment conducive to holding peaceful elections, or would they use this new anti-Farmajo movement for opportunistic political gains? We will know the turn of these trends in the coming weeks. But, one thing still holds true: These elections will be taugh and rocky. This is a price to pay for democracy.

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