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In a last desperate attempt to continue squattering in Villa Somalia, Farmajo is reportedly bringing in more troops to Mogadishu. Units of militia associated with the so-called Somali National Army, SNA, are being flown in from Gedo, while those, who were sent earlier to Eritrea and Ethiopia for military training, are being rushed in. It will be seen how effective fighting forces they could be in an urban warfare in unfamiliar terrain in Mogadishu. The new additional forces, however, will give Farmajo more room to negotiate with mainly Hawiye opposition leaders from a position of strength. With that, he will also pose a challenge to the members of the international community stationed in Halane Campound in Mogadishu.

It is amazing to note here the fact that most Somali politicians, or the so-called political stakeholders, aren’t calling it for what it is: A coup d’etat of the Federal Institutions took place in April 12, 2021. Yes, they talk about the end of Farmajo’s four-year mandate and his illegal extension, but that isn’t the full picture of what had happened. Farmajo had overthrown the Federal Government of Somalia as he did with the Federal Member States of Galmudugh, Hirshabelle and Southwest to pave the way for this coup. It would be rather naive to expect him to give up what he has taken away by force and through illegalities, until he is compelled to do so.

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