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Illegal extension of his four-year mandate has soured his relations with Western donors and international organizations. He had to look elsewhere for support in sustaining his unlawful regime. He has contemplated about two fronts to by-pass Western impending sanctions – Arab world and African Union. Both fronts are showing diminishing returns for his pet projects.

First, Arab countries don’t want to be seen openly propping up illegitimate leader, who had ignored the wishes of his own people for free and fair elections. Arab leaders know they would be sanctioned for openly supporting Farmajo, who has just lost constitutional legitimacy to continue to be president of Somalia. Secondly, the African Union is a major regional block of the international community, working closely and interacting with other world and international blocks such as the UN, European Union, among many others. The current yearly AU Chairperson, President Felix of DRC, has rejected Farmajo’s request for recognition of unconstitutional extension of later’s stint in Villa Somalia. Instead, President Felix counter-proposed AU intervention in Somalia’s political crisis through dialogue with all parties to the electoral impasse. Embarrassed, Farmajo had to accept Felix’s offer. It, however, backfired on him, when Somalis discovered how naive he was as all Somalis were ready to sit with him to sort out their problems and find Somali-driven and owned solutions.

Thirdly, President Felix of DRC had his own agenda as the AU Chair – mediating Farmajo and Kenyatta on their diplomatic breakdown due to maritime dispute and Farmajo’s claim of Kenya’s interference in the internal affairs of Somalia.

Farmajo’s recklessness, brinksmanship, shenanigans and total disregard for the rule of law in Somalia have been sadly exposed.

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