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Current political crisis in Mogadishu could degenerate into violence. The political confrontation between the leaders of the Federal Government could lead into disarray and unraveling of public institutions, massive displacement of residents and pull-out or evacuation of members of the international community. Only cool heads and common sense to understand and appreciate the potential danger could save the situation.

Tribal incitements reminiscent of 1990s insurrection would make the matter worst. Removing stubborn leaders by mob force would lead to destruction of Somali State again. Law and order in the Capital must be maintained at any cost. Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo must put all his cards on the table and accept whatever cooler heads advise him to do now. He must realize that he has no presidential mandate to govern and could remain in Villa Somalia only quietly until elections are held in the country. He can’t afford to rock the boat. He should listen to the deep public concerns about his illegal occupation of the presidency. He must see the writing on the wall that he has no further political future in Somalia, and should try to save whatever might have remained of his reputation. There is a zero chance that he could continue to stay on any longer by political manipulations or force. It is in his best interest to go away quietly. That way he spares his country too from the experience of more troubles. Let the Caretaker government hold elections peacefully.

On the top, read the Somali Doctrine

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