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Media reports in Puntland State indicate that a group of politicians and former government officials are reportedly raising and mobilizing clan militiamen from Nugaal Region against current Administration of President Said Abdullahi Deni. If true, this could be another violent chapter to destabilize the State and disrupt peaceful development and democratization of Puntland State. Such a scenario must be avoided by all at any cost. It doesn’t benefit anyone. Based on WDM assessment, majority of the residents of Puntland support democratization, and any opposition to the notion of direct elections will fail. Besides, for a revolt to succeed, it must have a credible leader and popular support. This attempt has none.

Look back at short history of Puntland – no one, who first started violence through armed rebellion, had ever been successful, while counter-offensives against violators of peace had been always victorious. There must be reason for this historical fact. It is the residents of Puntland State that made possible for the gains of the regions to continue and be sustainable. Repeat, nobody had ever gained from violence in Puntland, be warned.

[This editorial has been updated since posting.]

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