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Somali playwriter, author, chairperson of Somali Federal Constitution Review Commission and Director of Somali Language Regional Academy, Dr Mohamed Dahir Afrah, has passed away in St Thomas hospital in London, UK, today.

According to family sources of the deceased, Senator Abdirizak Jurile in London, a family friend of the Late Dr Mohamed Dahir Afrah, and former Puntland Minister of Education, Ali Haji Warsame in Garowe, Afrah had suffered a massive stroke recently.

The Late Afrah was known for his famous Somali stories: “Galti-Macruuf, Guur-Ku- Sheeg and Maana-faay” authored in the 1970s. He will be missed not only by family and friends, but also by many in the literary world.

Here is a note as well from Professor Abdisalam Isse Salwe in London:


Innaa lillahi waa lillahi wa inaa ulayhi raajucuun.

Walaalkeen Maxamed Daahir Afrax wuu geeriyooday. Waxay ahayd 18:3…

Hadda isbataalka St Thomas ayaan joogaa, qolkii uu ku jiro Afrax ayaan la joogaa.

Nasiib darradayda markaan soo salaamay ayuu geeridiisa ila kulansiiyay.

Walaalkeen u soo duceeya inuu qabrigiisa qaboojoyo. Jannadii Fardowsa inuu ka waraabiyo.

Kulligeen ehelka suugaanta iyo dhaqanka soomaaliyeed, iyo ummaada Soomaaliyeed Allaha samir innaga siiyo.


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