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by The Mind of RD REVILO

  • January Sixth, a Date That Will Live In Memory
  • As December seventh will live in infamy
  • It Blew And It Was Dangerous Too
  • Emotional the feeling of an election stealing
  • Sent government reeling
  • Or was it staged, a play
  • Because so many felt that way
  • Their leader, the president
  • Implied they had his consent
  • That he would lead the way
  • But back to the white house he went
  • The revolution he watched on TV
  • They were going to hang Mike Pence
  • Trump, glad that wasn’t me
  • They were angry their representatives ran
  • They wanted them fight, take a stand
  • They felt, what do we have to lose
  • If we can’t elect the president we choose
  • The new man for hire
  • Unity he would aspire
  • But when we the people feel he is the enemy
  • His solution, stimulus money
  • He threw about trillions
  • But that won’t satisfy the millions
  • Who feels he is illegit
  • That he is inept and should quit
  • He won’t answer questions from the press
  • Which strongly suggests
  • That he is not fit to hold office
  • These admonitions or admissions
  • Cannot be concealed forever
  • For presidents go on trips
  • They meet with world leaders
  • Who measure their leadership
  • Can he be left alone to negotiate
  • With Putin or Xi
  • Have the nerve to attack Iran
  • Maintain the drug business in Afghanistan
  • Is he the ruler or ruled by committee
  • Is he the master or slave of the intelligence community
  • A community that attend a small circle of colleges and universities
  • A community of intra bred families
  • Trump dissed them
  • To the point he dismissed them
  • Kennedy was going to smash them into a thousand pieces
  • Just before he died, these  people instigate wars
  • And can cause national suicide
  • If Biden doesn’t open is eyes wide
  • The British, America’s sunny day pal
  • Thought they were invincible
  • Until the crisis of the Suez Canal
  • Bad intel and the crown fell
  • If the intelligence community
  • Is now running the country
  • Are we in store
  • For war after war
  • Kaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega Ayatollah of Iran
  • They can create any strong man
  • Can Biden render the strength to command them
  • Will he seek their counsel or be under their control
  • Will the future be unforgettable as sung by Nat King Cole…RD(Revilo)
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