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The effects of Somali piracy on marine life

By Abdel Nour Saeed

CAIRO, January 16, 2021

Translated from Arabic

Somali fisheries problems lie between plunder and unemployment, which we referred to in the first part in a simple way about the relationship between piracy and foreign ships that fish illegally in Somali waters. As we have also explained, illegal fishing and unemployment are the main factors that made fishermen and youth engage in piracy as an alternative means of obtaining their daily bread.

So what are the reasons that led to the emergence of Somali piracy? A question that we will answer in this article, as we talk a little bit about the moral, material, environmental and economic effects of maritime piracy in Somalia.

Reasons for the emergence of Somali piracy:

Fighting plunder of wealth:

This is an issue among the reasons that led to the emergence of Somali piracy, as these ships were repeatedly plundering huge amounts of wealth in Somali waters.

Combating burying of toxic waste:

Burying toxic waste is one of the most serious problems that plague the Somali coasts, and the burial of nuclear remnants on the Somali coasts by international transcontinental companies has led to piracy, and has recently witnessed foreign bodies in some Somali beaches, and dangerous diseases have also spread in countries that have not It was not usual before, and the dumping of waste and forbidden hunting continues even at this point.

Self-defense and life

Citizens who used to fish in their villages with their simple tools to obtain their daily livelihood were affected by the presence of large foreign ships that prevent them from fishing, and the fishermen complained at many times that their nets were small and other fishing equipment was being bullied by the giant foreign ships many times, which affected the confrontation. Directness between foreign ships and fishermen in the areas close to the Somali coasts.

As for the moral, material, criminal, economic and environmental effects, we can summarize the following points

Moral effects; Stirring fear and terror in the souls of those who ride the sea, as it has become a direct threat to the safe maritime navigation routes. Maritime piracy also results in injuries and loss of lives and material losses, and these damages are due to psychological suffering of everyone who is exposed to piracy.

Physical effects; The material effects of maritime piracy take on different dimensions.

A- Criminal damages: The crime of maritime piracy results in serious criminal damage that varies between murder and various bodily injuries.

B- Economic damage: Economic damages constitute the biggest consequences and effects of maritime piracy. Therefore, we find this crime that is constantly associated with major commercial crimes such as fraud and maritime commercial fraud. These damages can be addressed the following points:

Damage to shipowners and shippers: Maritime transport contributes to 80-90% of global trade traffic, and for this reason, shipowners and freighters inflict serious damages as a result of maritime piracy, especially the direct damages represented in dumping ships and hijacking them or plundering the ship’s safe and the belongings of its passengers or plundering goods or Destruction, and ship owners and operators incur huge financial burdens as a result of piracy in exchange for ridding of the hands of piracy, and indirect financial burdens arise as a result of these accidents due to the increase in the value of insurance required on ships, or changing navigation routes to avoid routes threatened by piracy. Living aquatic: the spread of marine piracy in fisheries makes the fishermen reluctant to fish in them and search for safe places to practice their activities, and this is at the expense of exploiting these resources and causing them great losses as a result, and they are also subjected to direct attacks from piracy because their boats are sank and looted. .

C- Environmental damage: Maritime piracy threatens the safety of the marine environment as a result of dumping ships or discharging them into the sea, where the marine environment is exposed to severe damage as a result of petroleum or toxic materials affecting the marine environment.

Maritime piracy also has a negative impact on tourism activity. We will be satisfied with this as much until we meet our next articles, God willing, as soon as possible.

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