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Somaliland has held elections after it has been frozen in time and space for 15 years. But, it is important to note here that these elections are different from past practices- this time it looks that the elections are close to realities on the ground with regards to Sool and Sanaag Regions. The claim to British colonial legacy that these regions were parts of Somaliland couldn’t hold any water and the empty political rhetoric has been exposed. The contrast with previous sham elections is that these elections aren’t as fake as they used to be – stuffing in fake ballots at clan borders and announcing cooked up election results. Polls that have boycotted participation are almost reflected on this outcome.

The parts of regions of Sool and Ayn that allegedly took part in these elections portray a picture of Isaaqs taking over parts of Sool and Ayn Regions. “Udub-riix” or push-over into other people’s lands has been in the making for many years in the regions of Sool and Togdheer, resulting in these elections producing more Isaaq MPs than Dhulbahante’s. This scenario always happens to land owners, who have neither the vision nor unity of purpose in protecting their land.

There are two winners and two losers in the Somaliland Election 2021:

  1. Sanaag Region and Somaliland opposition parties are winners.
  2. Sool Region and Kulmiye Party are losers.

Sanaag Region is a winner as they proved to be the true owners of their land. Congratulations!

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