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These days the social media war between supporters of former President Farmajo and Caretaker Prime Roble has reached new heights. WDM had even issued WARSAXAAFEED (press statement) on the issue.

iskajir! (warning!)


But, of particular interest is the negative campaign aimed at character assassination against the Prime Minister Roble, alleging his past drug abuse in Sweden – claiming a court conviction against him written in English. First of all, Sweden doesn’t operate in English, and even it were true, drug abuse is a regular occurrence among the youth of Western countries. Most of them there get off the hook after a few years.

Again, if it were true, it meant Farmajo had failed in vetting him for the position of the prime minister of Somalia. It isn’t Roble’s fault. Roble didn’t lie to get elected. He was appointed by the President, whose responsibility was to vet his appointees thoroughly.

And if that were true, the Federal Parliament had had a role in confirming Roble as the Prime Minister.

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