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By Ismail Warsame, WDM Opinion COLUMNIST

Here in Puntland, and to a greater extent, Somalia, on the job training is either non-existent or not a priority in public sector. Imagine members of parliament, who had no prior legal training nor had job experiences of any sort. Imagine a member of legislative assembly who doesn’t understand what his or her job is all about. What kind of legislations do you expect coming out from a house of representatives, who have no idea of what they were supposed to do? Could they differentiate their job descriptions from that of the Executive Branch? Do they know that corruption and tax evasions are among the highest crimes committed against the people and state? What do they understand about the checks and balance of power? How could they handle an abusive Executive Branch? Do they have an idea of inquiry and Question Period in parliament sessions?

Finally, why do we blame them for doing what they were doing if qualifications were not among the options for public service prior to their selection/election? What is the job of the speaker and his assistants with regards to raising legislative knowledge of members and their ethical standards?

This problem applies to other public departments as well, including the judiciary. This is a critical issue, and without addressing it, there is little hope for good governance in Somalia. Let us not kid ourselves.

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