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Prime Minister MHR Meeting with
C6+ Mogadishu, 8th September 2021


Good evening,

Ladies and Gentlemen.
I thank you for sparing sometime this evening for us to share some update on the election process, the unfortunate political crisis that has erupted in the last few days; and the case of Ikran Tahlil.
• Since the last NCC, we have made some significant progress.
• My consistent encouragement of the two sides of Somaliland electoral
dispute and engagement with their leaders have finally led to Somaliland-
led and owned agreement. I will facilitate the Somaliland senate election to take place in the next few days Insha Allah. I hope their election will set a
good example in terms of transparency and you will be able to observe it.
• As you may have also heard President Gudlawe of Hirshabelle state today
has finally released the list of the nominees for the senate race. I want to
thank President Gudlawe for opening the senate election to anyone who
wants to contest. Three or more candidates are contesting for each senate seat which is very good.
• I have engaged with various political and civic groups and have been able to
clarify and correct some of the misperceptions and misunderstandings about the procedures that we have passed in our last NCC.
• I have brought together the electoral bodies for internal dialogue which led
to the resolution of their internal differences.
• FEIT was able to release new schedule for elections.
• National Election Security Committee will meet soon to discuss the state-
level security plans for elections.
• To fill the gaps in election and enabling activities budget, our minster of foreign affairs will meet with Arab league in Cairo this week to raise funds.
• Let me assure you that I and my fellow NCC are committed to keep the
election on track.
• We would not allow ourselves to be diverted from this important national

Ladies and Gentlemen
• I am deeply concerned as you are about the impact of political crisis at a time the country is going through elections and is facing significant security and political risks.
• Somalia cannot afford another political crisis. The violence in April which resulted from unilateral decisions and politicization of security forces is still fresh in our memories. A similar crisis must be avoided.
• The separation of powers between different branches of government, de-
politicization of security forces, free and fair elections, respect for the rule
of law and protection of the rights of citizens cannot be subject of deal
making between individual leaders. They are important pillars of the
government legitimacy and our constitutional order. If we ignore them, we cannot claim to be a legitimate government, and citizens will take law into their hands.
• The executive branch is by law responsible for steering elections and
managing security. The President explicitly confirmed this in his address to parliament on May 1st 2021.
• On my part, I have made a concerted effort to avert and manage the crisis in
a responsible and sober manner. I have engaged with all those concerned to
calm down the situation and resolve the issues through dialogue and within
the confines of government institutions in accordance with the constitutional separation of powers. I am committed to continue dialogue with President and I am optimistic that the ongoing negotiations will lead to a peaceful resolution to this crisis.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
• On Ikran Tahilil’s case, it is unfortunate that a simple directive from my office demanding an accountability and credible investigation to give justice to
Ikran and her family and to share the facts of this case with Somali leaders
and larger public could cause such a reaction from our President who is
supposed to be the custodian of the constitution and rule of law.
• Why president chooses to shield individuals from accountability rather than protecting the rights of citizens is beyond my comprehension.
• I have given sufficient time to former NISA Director to present credible
report on Ikran’s disappearance. He failed to do so. He resorted to political
sideshows instead of sharing the facts. His letter asking for convening of non-
existent national security council was clearly an act of insubordination and
bad faith and attempt of coverup
• In the light of this unacceptable behavior, I was left with no option except to suspend him and appoint an acting director to pave the way for credible investigation.
• Unfortunately, the former director got a willing accomplice for his acts of
impunity in the highest office of the land.
• It is my principled position that the investigation of the case must proceed
and all obstructions to getting justice for Ikran be removed. It will be travesty
of justice to keep suspects in this case to be in charge of NISA.
• Finally, I will continue to extensive engagement to all political and security
stakeholders including the NCC, president, judiciary leadership, commanders of security forces and civil society leaders for smooth election process and impartial investigation for Ikran’s case. I also reiterate my firm commitment to resolving our differences peacefully, act in accordance of constitutional
mandate and the best interest of Somali people.
• I urge the members of international community to be firm in their position
to demand credible investigation for Ikran’s case, resolve the current crisis
peacefully and support the electoral process.
• I think it is high time for your respective capitals to take the necessary
measures against the peace spoilers. If their impunity, election interference
and undermining of government institutions continues unchecked, they will continue with their violence mind-set, erase all the gains we have made over the years with your support towards peace and stability and take the country to an abyss.

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