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Basically, Abyi has formed a government by Oromo and Amhara. It is a war cabinet marginalizing Tigreans. Somalis were never a part to the Ethiopian political establishment. They were historically a marginal entity. But, it is the first time they were allowed to join the main ruling party of the day, the Abyi’s Prosperity Party, PP.

Xukuumada Ethiopia. 1. Raysalwasaare = Oromo 2. Wasiirka Macdanta = Oromo 3. Wasiirka Dalxiiska= Oromo 4. Wasiirka Biyaha iyo Tamarta = Oromo 5. Wasiirka Dhaqanka iyo Ciyaaraha = Oromo 6. Wasiirka Beeraha = Oromo 7. Wasiirka Magaalooyinka iyo Horumarinta Aasaasiga = Oromo 8. Raysalwasaare Ku Xigeen Ahna Wasiirka Arimaha Dibadda = Axmaar 9. Wasiirka Warshadaha = Axmaar 10. Wasiirka Dakhliga = Axmaar 11. Wasiirka Curinta iyo Tignoolajiyadda = Axmaar 12. Wasiirka Gaadiidka iIyo Saadka = Axmaar 13. Wasiirka Nabadda = Axmaar 14. Wasiirka Waxbarashada = Uraag/Axmaar 15. Wasiirka Gaashaandhigga = Tigree 16. Wasiirka Caafimaadka = Tigree 17. Wasiirka Ganacsiga Iyo Isku Xidhka Manadaqada = Woleyta (Dhabuub) 18. Wasiirka Arrimaha Haweenka iyo Bulshada = Hadiya (Dhabuub) 19. Wasiirka Shaqada Iyo Xirfadaha = Silde (Dhabuub) 20. Wasiirka Cadaaladda = Sidaama 21. Wasiirka Qorshaynta Iyo Horumarinta = Sidaama 22. Wasiirka Waraabka iyo Xoolo-Dhaqatada = Canfar 23. Wasiirka Maaliyadda

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