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When we talk about the issue of “Sool, Sanaag and Cayn” (SSC), Sanaag is misplaced here for Warsangelis don’t identify themselves with this political claim of Dhulbahante.

Also note the following facts:
1. When Puntland State was in Sool after its establishment from 1998, the international community (IC) said it was a disputed territory and IC didn’t allow humanitarian and development projects to be implemented either by Puntland or IC independently. Why? It is a disputed territory?

2. When Somaliland happened to be in Sool, Puntland said it was an occupied territory. There is a number of Sool politicians, who are divided along sub-clan allegiances, political opportunism in every Somali factions in Hargeisa and Mogadishu, and betrayal of Dhulbahante cause.
3. Somaliland can implement projects in Laascaanod and IC doesn’t mind that, while IC immediately protests what they called Puntland interference and provocations in a disputed land.
4. As an informed person, I can assert that the issue on the positions of Puntland and Somaliland with regards to Sool and  Dhulbahante territory, in general, could be resolved readily, if Dhulbahante men and women were to understand that they belonged to their Darood/Harti community and avoid identifying themselves with the myths of their Isaxaaq  brothers as a part of “Somaliland” project. Moreover, Dhulbahante alone aren’t assigned to the cause of Somali Unity that they often claim. This is also a myth they have been telling to each other for quite sometime. On Somali unity, they aren’t more important than the Samaroons in Borama.

Another fact: Political leaders, MPs, traditional leaders, civil servants, security forces of  Dhulbahante origin are all here in Puntland State since its inception. They aren’t guests here in the same way they have been treated in Hargeisa. They are equal stakeholders in Puntland State. The noises you heard around against Puntland State are coming from those Dhulbahante individuals that have been deceived or misled by opportunistic politicians of Ali Khalif Galaydh type. Good luck! It makes no sense to claim they had helped the establishment of both Puntland and Somaliland to which they belonged none! Dhulbahante of laascanood City and politicians are powerless in preventing Somali citizens being expelled from the city while they are engaged in empty rhetoric and claim that they stand for Somali unity. Until Dhulbahante politicians and intellectuals accept blame for their contributions to the abysmal state of Dhulbahante affairs, nobody will be able to help them find solution to their situation. Finally, the case of Buhodle (Cayn) is different from the rest of Dhulbahante land because of the fact that it is located at a border point between Somalia and Ethiopia. Ethiopia doesn’t allow escalation of hostilities from Somaliland to spill over her Eastern part, on the top of modest support from Puntland authorities.

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