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As a long time observer of US politics, I must admit that I have become increasingly ambivalent towards USA. It started during the unfolding drama of Donald J Trump in which he was twice impeached and investigated by Special Counsel, Robert S Mueller III. Trump got the last laugh in all cases and eventually nearly succeeded to “make America Great Again” (MAGA) by winning 2020 election. An obviously criminal former President difficult to bring him to justice, by neither the Congress nor by DOJ (Department of Justice). As if that was not enough crime for Trump, he went on to overthrow the US Government and almost succeeded decapitating it in a violent MAGA riot at Capitol in January 6, 2021. As if that was not enough crime for him, he refused to concede his election defeat, and to add an insult to US injury, he stole government top secret upon evacuating the White House on January 20, 2021 for his successor, Joe Biden, and now, nobody knows to whom he has passed them.

Donald J Trump has proved what cannot happen in most democracies can take place in the US: Violent coup. It means America is so fragile that they can produce not only a dictator, but a fascist leader worse than Hitler armed with dangerous modern weapon and nuclear warheads.

America is extremely important for the safety of humanity and world security. Those who don’t understand this reality, don’t know the potential dangers to their lives, if power falls to demagogues and deranged figures like Donald J Trump.

Russia is equally dangerous country and President Putin, though friendly with Trump, understood quite well that another hostile US leader could seize power and threaten Russia, this time with NATO at its borders. This makes Putin mad, causing him panic to push Russian security buffer zones further into Ukraine. It isn’t a war game. There is a potential for nuclear escalation and mutual annihilation.

The world is watching whether America can save itself from tyranny and Rise of Fascism Again (ROFA).

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