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Did you get yet the main reason for the present political confrontations between #Farmaajo and #Rooble? Is it Ikram’s case, elections, Kenya, Qatar, UAE or something else?

The main reason for this conflict is the politicization of security forces by Farmaajo. Directors of NISA and commanders of Police Force and Somali National Army, SNA, had been recruited for political purposes by Farmaajo to stay in power. It was impossible to conduct free elections with the security and financial grip of Farmaajo in the country. The mastermind of this policy was Fahad Yassin. This policy was in the making for the entire mandate of Farmaajo. Countries like Turkey, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Uganda had been used for this objective in mind only, whether they knew it or not didn’t matter. Farmaajo and Rooble are struggling now for the control of security forces, especially the powerful NISA secret and intelligence service.

This dangerous situation was exposed during Farmaajo’s attempt to illegally extend his term to two more years and subsequent armed confrontations between the forces of the opposition and government. Lives had been lost in exchange for foiling Farmaajo’s military and constitutional coup.

Ikram’s case, among many others, yet to be contested are excuses and symptoms of the conspiracy to a power grab before everybody’s eyes. It is really madness to ignore the laws of the land to attempt to cling to power in this 21st century. It is simply not normal state of mind to try this nowadays.

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