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People should get right the political fundamentals of the current situation in the country:

1. Mandates of the legislative and executive branches of FGS have expired. 2. As a result, there is political agreement between FGS and FMS reached in September 17, 2020 and subsequent amendments with caretaker designation for the prime minister to conduct elections and ensure the security of the polls. Neither the president nor the prime minister has full authority of their current temporary positions. Both are in so-called lame-duck situation. It is obvious that they will be running routine day-to-day operations of the government until their replacements. No major executive decisions unrelated to holding elections were expected from them. One has to prove NISA case is related to election security since there are alleged reports of former Head of the agency intervening in elections as he was himself a candidate for parliament membership. Since NISA is a suspect in the disappearance of Ms Ikram Tahlil, at least the Head of Agency should step aside until the case is resolved through proper investigations and cleared by a court of law. Farmajo is wrong and outside the norms of government behaviour to appoint him to a new positions before this clearance.

It is common sense and legally required from responsible leadership of any institution to investigate a crime and leave its deliberations to competent authorities. There shouldn’t be any fuzz about it.

The whole current conflicts in Mogadishu, therefore, boils down to a power struggle between politicians who have no constitutional legitimacy after their mandates have expired. It is actually a struggle between politicians to predetermine the final election outcome. These chronic infightings, especially in this crucial election time, have irreparably damaged any remaining positive image of the fledgling Somali government in the eyes of both Somalis and international community. It is unfortunate reoccurance.

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