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We spent hours discussing and debating the dynamics of Somali National Peace and Reconciliation Conference that was in progress at time in Embagati, Kenya. I briefed General Muhoozi Kainerugaba to brief his dad, M7 of Uganda, in Kampala. He did a good a job then. He was an army major at the time. This general is not novice to Somali issues and politics of conflict. His intervention now is bad news for current Somali leaders. Remember Villa Somalia, and to a greater extent, Mogadishu, is an occupied institution by AMISOM troops for protection as their core mission to Somalia.

Now, after nearly two decades, notice the style of these meetings in Mogadishu today. Farmajo was met solo, too sensitive session to share with his team. Rooble had the presence of an eyewitness from his team.

A decade ago, Farmajo was a Somali Prime Minister. He was as difficult as he is today moving this country forward. He was asked then by AMISOM and President M7 not to be an obstacle to the TFG Transitional Process. He was removed and replaced eventually. This meeting sounds like Kampala Accord 2.0. It is a national tragedy, however, for foreign generals and soldiers to pay a visit to a Head of State in his own office, perhaps under security threats and sanctions. Shame on Farmajo!

(This article has been updated since posting.)

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