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The Federal Government of Somalia had created the political and electoral impasse in the country. How?

One should read this article to understand how the Administration of Farmaajo-Khayre policies had created a situation that fundamentally reversed the democratic trend along which Somalia was expected to move forward:

The Federal Government has been engaged in a vicious campaign of dismantling the Federal Member States, putting in their places centrally approved governors, all with the intention of returning to power through sham elections in 2020-2021. This policy started with the forceful installation of Laftagaren in Southwest State, followed by Qoor Qoor of Galmudugh and Guudlaawe of Hirshabelle.

The political atmosphere so artificially and illegally created had set in a polarizing effect, the resolution of which will make or break Somalia. Add to this, multiple attempts were also made by the Federal Government to destabilize and marginalize Puntland and Jubaland in order to depose their leaders, Deni and Madoobe, as well. That is why Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has difficulties with them today in a political deadlock nobody knows how it would end up.

It is solely the position and actions of the Federal Government that had led to this dangerous political paralysis and gridlock. In a scenario worse than that of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who spent half of his four-year stint fighting against the establishment of Jubaland State, Farmaajo has lost his own presidential legitimacy fighting for gaining absolute power by trying to destroy Somali federal structure. Farmaajo has succeeded in disabling all branches of the federal Government ( Parliament, Judiciary and Cabinet). We will watch out who blinks first. But, let us hope best for Somalia. Since you are here, support Free Press WDM for better Somalia. Send in your subscription of $37 a year to keep this blog running. Sahal Account 496091 or e-Dahab Account 77731) Tel: +252 703 4081. [simple-payment id=”5422″]

(This article has been updated since posting).

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