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Warsame Digital Media WDM

By Ismail Warsame Opinion Columnist


August 10, 2021

Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has been losing relevance in Somali politics lately. That is because he has no moral standards to understand that staying on after his tenure in Villa Somalia had expired in February 8, 2021, would bring him only humiliation. Squattering in the people’s House without any legitimacy is beyond the pale as it is shameless to issue notes that have no authority from his current residence. No wonder he had attempted to stage a legislative coup recently to cling to power illegally.

Mohamed H. Roble is his 2nd prime minister to abandon him upon finding the guy childish and immature to comprehend the complexity of Somalia’s governance, recent troubling history of this nation and centuries old historical burdens of the nations of East Africa, the Horn of Africa, in particular. Farmajo stayed on in the Villa to experience the ultimate embarrassment today when Kenyatta has by-passed him and over his head invited caretaker prime minister Roble to Kenya’s State House.

One wouldn’t been taken aback to witness Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo campaigning for re-election soon, for he has no feeling of shame. This was the politician elected to protect the Federal Constitution only to grossly violate it, but still dared to stay on holed up in the Villa. Only persons who need their heads examined would now attempt to re-elect him. In a normal situation he has no chance to put his name forward for election to a public office again. But people should be warned against his shenanigans while he is still holed up illegally in the presidency.

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