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The Federal Government of Somalia is not only the Central Authority – it has levels of government, namely the Centre whose official seat is Mogadishu, Federal Member States, and Bandadir Region, whose seat is also Mogadishu. Every entity has its own constitutional jurisdiction, but is supposed to coordinate its actions with when they affect other authorities. Doing it alone without notification and solicitation for collaboration may lead to unintended consequences and insubordination of authority. FMSs are bit different from breakaway entity of Somaliland, and the Central Government should always communicate and coordinate with authorities in Federal Member states to carry out its jurisdictional responsibilities in areas under different regional laws beside the Federal laws. There is need for common sense approach to laws and jurisdictions.

Many Puntlanders don’t like DPWORLD and its influence in the State, on whatever perceived or real negative image this may entail, Somali Civil Aviation should have communicated any concerns to regional authorities, thus avoiding issuing blind orders to public and private transport. They weren’t prudent and didn’t do their due diligence in handling the situation.

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