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Of the five Federal Member States of Somalia, only two came about through legitimate community consultations as required by principle in state formation. Only Puntland and the Southwest can pass the test of democratic process, coming into existence as FMSs. Galmudugh, Jubaland and Hirshabelle were created and imposed artificially. Jubaland was etablished by the joint military operations and occupation of Kismayo by Ras Kamboni Brigade (remnants of Al-Shabab and ICU militia led by Ahmed Madobe), and Kenyan Defence Forces. It was a grand regional plan of Ogaden territorial expansion at expense of Harti and Marehan. The strategic thinker of this Grand Regional Plan (GRP) was the late Kenyan Senator Yusuf Haji, supported by Hussein Halane and Omar Ilay of Region Five of Ethiopia. Yusuf Haji was the Kenya’s Defence Minister at the time of Kismayo occupation. Kismayo isn’t only under occupation now, but also suffers from absolute DICTATORSHIP with Madobe’s use of brute forces of Ras Kamboni Brigade and Liyiu Police of TPLF. Among the residents of Kismayo, nobody feels safe, especially families and young girls. A modicum of administration in Kismayo is run by school dropouts of Somali Kenyans from Northeast Kenya.

Galmudugh exists only by name and doesn’t even qualify for federal member state status under the Provisional Federal Constitution, requiring at least two regions to come together to form a regional state. Swathes of territory they claim is under Al-Shabab control. President Qoor Qoor is a paper tiger, despite the noises around.

Hirshabelle never had had a community consensus to form a regional administration. The most prominent traditional leadets had opposed the FGS efforts then proclaiming it. Hirshabelle was imposed upon by the Federal Government of the day.

Heads of the administrations of Southwest, Galmudugh and Hirshabelle are regional governors appointed and forcefully installed by the Federal Government, in some cases, through violence, blood-letting and violations of human rights.

After the general elections are done with, it would require to revisit the legal status of Galmudugh, Hirshabelle and Jubaland to reset them right.

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