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When the State of Israeli was being established in the Middle East in 1948, drawing in Jewish communities from all over the world, they asked themselves one fundamental question for the success of the State: Who is going to do the hard work of building up that State, and make it sustainable in the face of Arab onslaught?

The answer was, “we the Jews”.
In pursuit of this objective, every Jew became the Jack of all trades – the professor became a labourer, farmer, construction worker, teacher, soldier etc. As Israel developed with confidence in their people, they became smarter to use Arab labour for hire. This is how the State of Israeli was built. Any extra assistance from Europe and USA was considered a God-sent and wasn’t relied upon.

The story of Israeli State is reminder and lesson for all Somalis, leaders in particular, on the importance national self-reliance and self-respect. No other countries or organisations will do Somalia’s bidding for continued survival, safeguarding of its sovereignty and success as a nation-state.

So, stop the childish behaviour and mundane existence in running Somalia. We aren’t interested in one man’s personal name or leadership without making it sure that he/she is servant of the people of the people of Somalia, and that we must have a mechanism in place to change leaderships at all levels of public endeavors whenever we feel that they aren’t up to the job.

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