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Like typical Puntland administration behavior at end of its term in office, the current government has run out of steam in pushing the agenda forward. Some politically naive persons or interest groups are propagating the notion that there is no enough time left to elect remaining local councils and have them in place before next parliament and presidential elections, not understanding a job half done is better than not doing anything at all. Members of Puntland House of Representatives fare no better than the so-called “AARAN JAAN” spin doctors in that regard, on the top of being a rubber-stamp institution for decades.

Since there is no long term vision by each of successive Puntland administrations, important public tasks are left for next administrations or generations to attend, thus becoming a vicious cycle not to initiate and administer any meaningful programs towards Puntland future governance. The State never laid down and worked out any significant public policy. It operates on ad hoc fashion as its modus operandi. Residents get accustomed to political thinking in the space of one term or one administration- for them, tomorrow doesn’t exist. Starting programs to be completed by the next administration isn’t in their books. But, the worse of all is the fact that authorities of the day see only the problems, not the opportunities. Most are likely to reason with you why this job can’t be done because of these impediments. It is people who love to raise their hands up in the air in surrender when they are challenged. They don’t get the world moves on with or without them.

People of the State of Puntland had observed how it was easy to hold municipal elections in Uffayn, Qardho and Eyl districts just recently. There aren’t any excuses not to hold similar elections in other districts of the State. Negative thinking on the part of interest groups and the government of President Said Abdullahi Deni are now the real obstacles to democratization in Puntland State of Somalia.


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