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Terms or names like Hawiye, Digil, Mirifle, Raxanweyn, Isaak, JareerWeyn, Dir, and even the country’s name Somalia, have no common ancestral relations as individual groups. Each of these names are political and social constructs for reasons beyond the scope of this short article. Paradoxically, these confederal tribes are now resisting to apply the term to the collective name of “Somalia”. Whom are they kidding?

Now, two junior researchers from ill-gotten and privately misappropriated SIMAD College in Mogadishu, illegally acquired, owned and operated by former Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, AbdiNor Dahir and Ali Yassin Sheikh Ali, have just used their first professional work to denounce federalism as inapplicable to Somali governance, fraudulently disregarding the fact that Somalia is a confederation of tribes, and thus ignoring this fundamental truth in Somali governance that lie in the state failure and entire predicament of Somalia as a country and nation-state.
These junior researchers from SIMAD even dared to call Puntland and Somaliland as children born out-of-wedlock in the federation in the sense that they were established before Galmudugh and Hirshabelle Federal Member States. AbdiNoor Dahir and Ali Yasin Sheikh Ali, in a pseudo-research paper called Federalism in Post-Conflict Somalia, have come up with half-truths:

Nowadays, since most Hawiye scholars try not to come out openly against federalism due to the fact that it was enshrined in the Provisional Federal Constitution, and that their Hawiye constituencies are now parts of the federation, they find the term “Decentralisation” fashionable as way of resisting federalism, confederalism or anything outside “city-state”.

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