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I was driving yesterday evening along a rough road infront of Golis Telecom HQ in Garowe, when I had noticed the entire building and its surroundings were taken over by goats like hungary locusts over a field of plantation. The local government of Garowe should revise its city council membership to consider electing some persons representing the undeniable numerical superiority of herd-resident population in Puntland Capital City, unless the existing members of the City Council consider themselves as representatives of the interests of growing population of herds here.

There are either no city regulations  governing the mess that had been created by huge influx of herds into Garowe, or nobody cares to enforce such city by-laws. Now, goats loitering in Garowe City outnumber its human residents. Under these circumstances, there is a need to establish organizations for animal rights. The abusive owners of these invading herds too should lawyer up because there will be soon lawsuits against against them for turning the City into animal zoo with impunity.

There are no veterinary/medical centers in the entire city of Garowe for the welfare of huge number of goats and sheep lazily loitering at gates of every building to the inconvenience and annoyance of every citizen in town. Goats and sheep deliver their babies out in the streets with nobody caring for or looking after them. Vehicle drivers find it difficult to move around the city without crushing into flocks of herds blocking driveways and roads. Earlier, one commentator wrote that Garowe City couldn’t hire the required municipal workers for garbage collection because goats do that job for them to relieve the city of extra budget burden the City Council may otherwise allocate.

This is a dystopian world frightening every civilized person. Puntland State ought to intervene and do something about the ongoing animal cruelty, bad culture of the owners of animal herds in town, and poor job performance of the Garowe City Council in abysmally failing to regulate the chaos caused by roaming and trespassing herds.

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Goats gathering at front gate of Golis HQ in Garowe at night
Goats gathering at front gate of Golis HQ in Garowe at night

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