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Ethiopia is already mending its relationships with USA by admitting atrocities in Tigray and the presence of Eritrean troops in that province. President Biden sent his best Senate friend to talk to Abyi on the issue.
Abyi is a product of the West and intelligence officer trained in the USA. He is their man in Ethiopia. Have you ever heard them criticizing him after he had sent to jail thousands of opposition elements and dissidents, including high profile Oromo activist and US citizen Mohamed Jawar?

They say that all politics is local. There are sizable Eritrean-American citizens, including now a US Democratic senator, who are opposed to Afewerki, and an equal number of Tigreayans opposing Abyi. US government have to show them that they were doing something in Ethiopia. Remember, in a fifty-fifty Senate split, Democrats cannot afford the loss of a single vote in the Senate.

One doesn’t have to listen to Abyi’s speech. It is a pressure tactic on USA by Abyi and to express appreciation to Russia and China for their recent votes at UN Security Council. Unlike Mengistu Haile-Mariam, Abyi is a reader and thinker.

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