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Of all the noises of Khaatumo on SSC, no one among its past leaders had ever raised the cause and plight of Sool, Sanaag and Ayn beyond the rhetoric among Somalis. No wonder that the international community never knew what was happening in those regions except the propaganda and official versions of Somaliand Administration.

Residents in the SSC Regions must be told about the truth that they were betrayed after they had been misled by those whom they trusted. The hatred cultivated in the process towards their fellow compatriots in Puntland State is part of that betrayal and treason committed by those who lied to the people of Sool, Sanaag and Ayn.

This story is based on the experience of one fellow from SSC Regions, who one day on his own initiative, wrote a letter and handed it over to USA Embassy in Nairobi during Obama Administration on the situation of SSC Regions. That fellow was surprised to be told by Embassy officials that it was the first time they saw and met someone talking about the interests of those regions. Mesmerized, this fellow asked the diplomats, “How come this could had happened?”. The diplomats responded, “Everybody used to talk about and pursue their own personal interests”.

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